Welcome to The Cover Vault, Premade Book Covers That Inspire Stories.

Predesigned book covers are an excellent solution for many new authors and those on a tight budget. The same care goes into my predesigned covers as my custom covers. To be the first to know about new releases, join my Facebook group.

EACH COVER IS SOLD ONLY ONCE. After you purchase a cover, it is yours and only yours. You will receive the ebook cover as well as 3-D promo images.

CATEGORIES OVERLAP. A cover may show up in multiple categories because it’s versatile.

QUICK-TURNAROUND You will have a ready-to-publish ebook cover within 1-3 business days of ordering.  If you buy more than one cover and want them to look like a series, I will use the consistent typestyle for the titles to brand the series for free. (Other changes may incur additional costs and delays.)

NEED A SERIES? No problem. Most designs can be made into a series. Just ask.

DON’T HAVE A TITLE YET?  No worries. I will send you the premade cover for inspiration, and change the title when you are ready.

Please don’t steal my titles. If you buy the cover, the title is yours. Until then, it’s mine. Sorry, no refunds or exchanges for premade covers. All sales are final. 

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